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Rokset Industries Pty Ltd has been operating since 1923. We’re a family-owned, South Australian company and for 95 years we’ve been national suppliers of an extensive range of painting and decorating applications and accessories.
Our products include brushes, rollers, scrapers, cutting knives, Olfa knives and blades, mixers, protective products and more. We’re proud to be South Australian and proud of our history, too.

We’ve been prepping your job for 95 years

  • Launched new company logo and branding.
    Became distributor of Loctite products.
    Celebrating 95 years in the industry!

  • Became the Paint Channel distributor for 3M Australia.
    Became distributor of Big Wipes.
    Became distributor of Prep Production products.

  • Became Australian distributor of Euro Rollers.

    Launched online clearance site for discontinued and end of range products www.rokset.biz

  • Celebrated 90 years in the industry and still going strong. Rokset continue to be 100% Australian owned and operated.

  • Completed reformulation of the filament range and repackaging/rebranding.

  • Signed up to the Australian National Packaging Covenant as part of our commitment to a sustainable environment. We have committed to finding improved environmental outcomes for packaging.

  • Completed reorganisation and upgrade of St Mary’s facility to improve efficiency and productivity in all areas.

  • Celebrated 85 years in the industry!

  • Entered the European market exporting Rokset brushes and accessories to Ireland.

  • Accredited to Quality Assurance AS/NZS ISO9001:2000 Business Management System.

  • Celebrated 80 years of business and produced 2,000,000 brushes in the St Mary’s facility.

  • Established Rokset New Zealand.

  • Installed state of the art brush making machinery to cope with increases in production requirements.

  • Opened new distribution and office complex adjacent to the factory at Ragless Street, St Marys.

  • Exceeded annual brush production of more than 1,000,000 units for the first time.

  • Accredited to Quality Assurance AS/NZS 3901 IS09001.

  • Set quality standards and undertook in-house research into bristle quality. New brush making facilities introduced to provide Rokset with enough capacity to produce 50% of Australia’s paint brush requirements.

  • Appointed exclusive Australian distributor for the Olfa brand of snap-off cutters and blades.

  • Introduced automatic brush making machinery for production of competitively priced, quality Handyman brush ranges.

  • Introduced Australia’s first long handled oval shaped cutting–in brushes, radiator brushes and a broader range to satisfy the requirements of all master painters.

  • Engaged new young staff to learn traditional handmade brush making methods. Rokset Master Painter Products led the field by providing brushes which suited new generation paints.

  • Built modern single level manufacturing facility at St Marys 8km from Adelaide.

  • Won the prestigious Edwards Laurel, Australia’s top award, won by Rokset for the best consumer products in plastics for its plastic handled paint brush ranges.

  • Pioneered phenolic (later epoxy) bonding of bristles.

  • Opened our doors and launched of the first range of paintbrushes.

“Rokset is a signatory to the Australian National Packaging Covenant as part of our commitment to a sustainable environment. We have committed to finding improved environmental outcomes for packaging”